MIASTOmovie 11: “imperfections” – 27.09-1.10.2023

The theme of this year’s edition of the MIASTOmovie festival has been announced! The 11th edition of the Wrocław event, which will take place between 27 September and 1 October, will be entitled ‘IMPERFECTIONS’.

This year’s theme is on one hand a reversal and on the other a continuation of the theme of the 10th edition – “A question of taste”, provoking considerations about the form and aesthetics of buildings.

“Imperfections” will be analysed on three levels: architectural-urban (objects and assumptions created as intentionally incomplete and imperfections created during the development of the city that become an integral part of it or manifestations of vernacular architecture), social (people and groups having difficulty finding their way in the city, remaining on the margins of the community, as well as social phenomena not tolerated in the public life of the city) and biological (the phenomenon of fourth nature, ruderal vegetation, non-human beings that appear in the city space).

The 11th edition will be a field for reflecting on phenomena that often remain secondary in planning, strategic and design practices. They seem to introduce chaos – but through their repetition and, above all, their taming and acceptance by residents, they become extremely important for the identity of a place.

Together, we will confront myths about the incongruity of buildings or entire urban settings. We will examine what new form and tactics of functioning, in the absence of a housing policy but also in the face of identity crises, squats are currently adopting. We will set out to discover the “in-between” spaces covering the peripheral areas of cities – the locations of warehouses, factories, crematoria, waste incinerators, settlements in the middle of nowhere. This time we will leave the perfect Scandinavian pavements behind, step out of the ruler-designed quarters of German housing estates and take a peek at remote post-industrial areas exposed to constant redevelopment.

The 11th MIASTOmovie festival of films about the city and architecture will take place between 27 September and 1 October in Wrocław – at the New Horizons Cinema and other city spaces. The festival is organised by the Wrocław Film Foundation. Co-organisers are the National Institute of Architecture and Urbanism, the New Horizons Cinema and the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław. The task has been co-financed by the Municipality of Wrocław.

Organized by: Wrocławska Fundacja Filmowa

Co-organized by: Kino Nowe Horyzonty, Narodowy Instytut Architektury i Urbanistyki