Lech Moliński

Print Traffic & Cinema Screenings Coordinator

Cultural animator, event organizer, occasionally a journalist, co-founder, and president of the Wrocław Film Foundation. Has been involved in MIASTOmovie since the beginning, and is engaged in most of the foundation’s activities. In July 2022, the book he co-authored with Jerzy Wypych was published, entitled “Nobody’s calling, everyone remembers. Lower Silesia in Film” (Warstwy Publishing House).

What he enjoys most is sitting on steps or curbs on summer evenings, experiencing a provincial vibe with an urban flair. Also riding scenic cycle routes in the city and in nature, and being in the vicinity of the simple but aesthetically pleasing and functional architecture of pre-war modernism, like Sępolno or Książe Małe.

He dislikes cities with no communal spaces and boring streets designed for cars.

Anka Bieliz

Programme Director

Cultural animator and manager, a graduate of several more and less exciting faculties at the University of Wrocław. On a daily basis, she is a leader of the municipal Microgrants program of the Wrocław Institute of Culture. She has been co-creating MIASTOmovie since 2014. She is involved in numerous local animation, educational, and cultural social projects. Enthusiast of “neighborhood Wrocław”, open to every kind of inter-sectoral cooperation.

She likes big cities the most, especially those planned in the “German way”, with cycle highways, where she can concentrate on observing the buildings instead of watching out for other traffic participants.

She doesn’t like high curbs, poor quality, uninteresting housing construction, and over-photoshopped architectural photos.

Kuba Żary


Cultural journalist, curator, communications specialist. Editor-in-chief of “Wrocław Cultural Guide”, a regular contributor to “Contemporary Lynx” magazine. He has curated exhibitions and art projects devoted in particular to urban space and the issues of identity embedded in it. Member of the Programme Board of the MIASTOmovie City and Architecture Film Festival and of the Artistic Board of the Wrocław Film Foundation. Head of communication and promotion at the Wrocław Institute of Culture, spokesperson for a number of cultural events. Long-time radio presenter. He likes precious materials, architectural decorations, and smart lettering.

He enjoys architecture that is loud and full of splendor and theatrical expression, but also one that is subtle, elegant, and non-ostentatious.

He dislikes overscaled projects, small rooms, the fetishization of authenticity, the Bauma paving block, and kitchenettes.

Julia Bartosz

Head Coordinator

Producer and coordinator of film events, a graduate of Cultural Studies and Psychogerontology at the University of Wrocław, and Film Studies at the Jagiellonian University. Board member of the Wrocław Film Foundation since 2014, she co-organized the first edition of the MIASTOmovie City and Architecture Film Festival. She has been involved with the Regime association since 2015 and also collaborates with the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival in Wrocław.

She likes all shades of grey, the coolness coming from the basement grilles in the summer, rough surfaces, wide window sills, and narrow streets.

She is not keen on dominant white, low ceilings, information boards, and symmetry.

Aleksandra Strączek

Programme Board

Digital product designer, a graduate of the Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities at the University of Wrocław (Cultural Studies and Communication Design). She also studied New Media in Amsterdam and Sustainable Development in Uppsala. She has been working with the Wrocław Film Foundation since 2016.

She likes fabrics that develop character over time, large windows, soft textiles, and warm evening light.

She doesn’t like shapes that pretend to be something they are not, styrofoam breadcrumbs, photo wallpapers, and car parks with low ceilings.

Weronika Sowińska

Audiovisual translations

She studied Culture and Practice of Text: Creative Writing and Editing and Philosophy at the University of Wrocław. Specialist in audiovisual translation and editing of film subtitles, she also produces cultural events. In the field of subtitling, she has collaborated with Disney, Short Waves Festival, HerDOCS, Tongariro, and Outfilm. Works with the Wrocław Film Foundation. Involved in the production of the Spektrum Film Festival in Świdnica, where she coordinates the “The Youth Perspective” competitions and other accompanying events. Director of the Low Flights Festival.

She enjoys the hustle and bustle of the city at night, the pubs overlooking the street, and the shady cycle paths, where she rides her bicycle.

She doesn’t like the heat of the hot concrete in summer and dull residential architecture.

Aleksandra Poźniak

Open Call coordinator

Graduate of Cultural Studies in Wrocław, a librarian for a while, currently working for the University of Wrocław Publishing House, perhaps a proofreader in the future. Has been working at MIASTOmovie since 2020. A Tri-City native, she has lived in Wrocław for 4 years.

She loves exploring new places and being on the move, as much as she appreciates slow life. She enjoys Solpol colors, wild green areas in the city, and vast spaces between tall buildings.

She dislikes dodgy cycle paths and dreary revitalization projects, like the market square in Kutno.

Janek Chrzan

Social Media, Festival Club, Website

Graduate of Communication Design at the University of Wrocław, currently a student of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. On a daily basis, he is working with the Foundation for European Studies, where he is involved in social consultations and other forms of participation. He has coordinated and promoted socio-cultural projects for the Strefa Kultury Wrocław and co-created the Uczulenie club. Member of the Wrocław Film Foundation and MIASTOmovie team since 2020.

More than anything, he likes spaces where the needs of all users are considered, public transport as an alternative to the car, the evening bustle in front of crowded bars, and architecture that goes beyond anthropocentrism.

He dislikes duplicating bad solutions in spatial design and choosing sloppiness over something new and interesting.

Jerzy Wypych


Photographer, video artist and designer. Associated with the Wroclaw Film Foundation and TIFF Collective, with whom he has been working closely since 2016. He appreciates a well-designed city, and is even more pleased with responsibly designed green areas and backyards. He works on photographic projects dealing with visual ethnography and spatial relations. He hides his big plans in his pocket, forgets and puts them in the washing machine.